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Our Reviews and Testimonials 

I want to thank all who were involved in getting me a new German Shepherd puppy. It's been fun and joy since I had Drey. These past years have been really sad but Bella just lightened up my life. Thanks to you all.
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Rebeca Drozdenko

I am extremely happy with you all. My boy spike arrived in good health. The pet cargo was extremely careful and knew exactly what they were doing. Though i had some delays they were on call all through. My boy was not nervous and anxious.
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Peter Lym

Ever since i saw my first German Shepherd puppy at a friends, i always wanted one. Until i came across you guys. You have been very helpful in getting the best pet for me. I have allergies but following your advice, i was able to get the most beautiful puppy ever. “Rose” has been my best friend since then. She is very affectionate and well handled. Thanks.
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Derek Olten

At first, I had some doubts due to past experiences, but with all the help and clarifications I was able to get my girl “Lilly”. Her colors and eyes are soo adorable. Each time am out with her, every passer-by wants to pet her. Gives me soo much joy.
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Louie Shiley

When my husband got me “drey” on our anniversary I was shocked at what he looked like. Not in my wildest dream would I have ever imagined such a beautiful-looking puppy. It's been soo much joy. Thanks for helping my husband get the best love after him for me.
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Christinia Hanton

My wife has been extremely happy with her new love “drey” i feel soo happy she has a second love after me now. At least i can take a break lol. i am sure she gave you guys a review lol.
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Jennifer Morgan

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